I (Still) Love Franciscan

Originally posted on Bob Rice:
Over the past few weeks, I’ve had many reaching out to me asking a variation of this question: “What is going on at Franciscan?” So allow me to share, from my perspective, what I see happening. I’d like to emphasize the phrase, “from my perspective”. I do not portend to…

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On Attaining a Priestly Soul

Many, many bouquets of flowers, signs of support and of prayer…Eleven Starts of David bearing the names of eleven beautiful souls…This was the scene on Saturday afternoon at the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill…How will this change your life and mine from this moment on?…I propose to you the way to respond is to attain, or ask for the grace to attain, a priestly soul.

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My mission trip

Hello! I’ve decided to start a blog, and the main reason I started it was so I have a place to tell you all about my mission trip! So this first post is dedicated to those, whether through prayer or financial means, supported this trip. I’ll try to put my other goings on, or other […]

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