Suffering transforms the heart

It’s very difficult to watch someone we love suffer. It’s even more difficult to watch someone we love suffer because of our own sins and failings… Watching something like that transforms the heart. A true test of love is the amount another person is willing to suffer for us, including when that suffering comes as […]

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Memories are powerful, God gave us the ability to remember what’s happened in the past, and often times it can cloud our vision of the present and distort out hopes for the future. God knows the power of memory, so much so that He made both the Passover and the Eucharist a memorial, a rememberance, […]

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On the Crippling Power of Fear

It’s often said that fear is simply: False Evidence Appearing Real This false evidence can show up in our lives in many ways. Many people are enslaved by this false evidence, others can be victims of it, and many of us, unfortunately, are both enslaved and victims. This fear can be crippling, which was certainly […]

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A Reflection on Love

Love is a central question in life for all people, so much so that people seek to express love in any and every way they can (movies, songs, television, poems, blog posts…), and yet we cannot agree upon a definition. English especially makes this difficult because we only have word for “love“ while other languages […]

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